It's been a busy few months since completing my degree at the University of Chester. Not only have I got myself a part-time job, but I also spent a lot of summer working with Chester Visual Arts and invigilating their Pop Art in Print show. I had an amazing time working with such a great team and very much look forward to working with them again in the future. 

I also recently graduated from the University of Chester at the beautiful Chester Cathedral. After feeling like my graduation was so far away, it came around so quick, and I am now officially a Graduate! It was a lovely day and I really didn't want to give my gown back...

Next, I'm taking part in the Chester Arts Fair at Chester Racecourse! A very exciting opportunity and I'll be there with my artwork all weekend so feel free to come and have a chat with me! 


Here's a preview of one of my books that will feature in my degree show. This book is completely hand made by me, from creating the screen printed title to the hardback cover, I've had full control of the output of this book. 

Within the book are the images I created at the beginning of the year within the project, Dislocation. It's focus is primarily on the way in which the city's surfaces reflect and collide elements of the city and dislocates them from their original contexts. 

I have also created another book to accompany this one, entitled City Unknown, which features images taken from my main body of work for my major photography project. The books all follow a similar format, keeping a strong visual identity. I absolutely love making my own books, the process is lengthy, but it's so rewarding to see your hardwork put together in a lovely hardback book.